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Who shouldn’t buy Invicta dive watches?

invicta pro diver

Invicta pro diver watches are famous for their quality and reliability in the price range of under 100 USD. However, these affordable dive watches are not ideal choices for anyone. If you want to buy an Invicta watch online, you will find it quite difficult to decide upon a few pictures and specifications. So in this article, I’d like to list out some things you should consider in order to make the best buying decision with your hard earned money.

In brief, if you find yourself in the cases below, I think you should look out for a more suitable item.

NOTE: In this review, “Pro diver” is referred to standard models in Invicta pro diver series which has the dials of 37mm-44mm, oversized models are not included as they are exceptional and some of them have a total different design cues to the rest.

  1. You are a pro diver

So strange, right? I’ve just told you not to buy a pro diver watch, because you’re a diving expert!!! You are not misreading, in fact, Invicta pro diver watches are not designed for professional use, they just have better warterproof ability compared to other dress watches. Don’t believe the statement “200m Water resist” on the dial, or you will put your watch at risk. Many people have reported that their watches got water inside after going diving. However, after testing Invicta 8928OB & 8932 (automatic & quartz pro diver models), I had no problem with their waterproof ability, I don’t know exactly how deep these watches can withstand, but at least I could bring them to the sea and played freely with the watches hands-on, even diving to some levels. In my opinion, if you are a professional diver who really need a “100m or 200m water resist” watch, some Japanese brands like Orient or Seiko can offer you more suitable choices with a reasonable price (of course more expensive than Invicta’s timepieces). Invicta dive watches are for some bodies who just need a good waterproof timepiece, not a real diving tool.

  1. You want a unique – style timepiece

As you can see through pictures, over 80% of Invicta pro divers’ details are taken from the Rolex Submariner. This design is Invicta’s biggest advantage and disadvantage simultaneously. Some people just care about quality, if a watch is reliable and beautiful, they will choose it. As long as the item belongs to some authorized manufacturer, not a fake one, they find no problem with it, even if the design is very similar to a more famous brand. Others are higher demanding, they see their watch as something to show their individuality, so they don’t want their timepiece to look like a replica. What type of user are you? If you belong to the second group, I suggest you to find another dive watch, as with an Invicta pro diver watch, you would always feel you’re wearing a copied version of Rolex.

invicta pro diver rolex submariner
The Invicta 8926OB looks very similar to the Rolex Submariner
  1. You prefer a watch with sportier look

Invicta pro diver series holds a very classy and elegant look taken from the Rolex Submariner, especially their two-tone models such as the 8928OB or 8934. They are dressier than most dive watches and very appropriate for daily use. In case you want some timepiece which looks more dynamic and masculine, some other brands can offer you dive watches with sportier and sturdier styles, over 100 USD we have Seiko,Orient, Bulova, Citizen… under this price you can consider Casio or Sturling. It depends on your taste and demand to decide which watch to buy,with an Invicta dive watch,  you may look good not only when going diving, but also in formal occassions because Invicta’s style is very easy to mix with any kind of apparel. However, if you want to express your strong and dynamic personality, opt for another watch! Besides, if you want an oversized sporty watch, you can also take a look at the over-47mm-dial pro diver models that I excluded from this review.

  1. Swiss dive watches, with Japanese movements & the cases made in China – do you like it?

Invicta dive watches is a mixture of a Swiss brand name with components from other countries. Most users don’t care about it, they just need to know their Invicta watch has a Japanese movement inside, it’s enough to trust the watch’s quality, because Japanese watchmakers like Seiko, Orient or Miyota…are famous for their reliable movements – both quartz and automatic. However, some users want more than that, they are concerned with the origin of their watch. If you are a person like that, you would feel Invicta, who just designs their watches and outsources all things from the case to movement, should be ranked a little lower than Japanese and some other European watchmakers, who can produce their own products from A to Z. There’re also some “Swiss quartz” in pro diver series, but I think it’s just a marketing trick to sell products with a higher price, because quartz movement is not a strong point of Swiss component suppliers, Swiss made timepieces are just famous for their automatic calibers. Invicta watches are beautiful and reliable watches, but they don’t show the craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

  1. You want a good after-sale service

Yeah, Invicta offers you good timepieces with very attractive prices, but when it comes to customer service, you will be disappointed. I didn’t have a chance to experience Invicta’s customer service, but lots of people complained about it. At first, when you try to contact them through emails, it’s a miss or hit, don’t expect them to reply all of your questions. Secondly, they charged a very high price for each component you want to change, sometimes a mineral glass can cost you 1/3 of the complete watch. As I said, I didn’t have any experience with Invicta’s after-sale service, so I can’t say for sure that it’s bad, but you should think twice before buying their items if you want a good care from the producer.

Do you find any of these above cases your own concern? Invicta pro divers are good wristwatches, indeed, but they’re not products for everyone. Regrettably, when you seek out for another choice, you will see that not so many producers willing to offer you a high – quality product at an attractively cheap price like Invicta does. However, because Invicta misses something you need,you had better move on!

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