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Vintage T-shirts, make your style aesthetically unique

vintage tshirts

The vintage t shirt is a convenient way for somebody to carry off a fashionable look in a post-modern way. There are countless examples of vintage tee shirts on the market and, due to constant demand, plenty of outlets willing to stock them.

At a fundamental level, vintage t shirts depict an image, idea, television program, political ideal, social keyword or other image from the past. The image is from history, either recent or ancient.

For example, there are plenty of t shirts in circulation depicting Battlestar Gallactica images, a sci-fi series from the seventies and eighties; or the Smurfs, a cartoon series from the eighties. Both of these designs could definitely be considered as vintage.

There are quite a few popular genres currently being worn. The funny vintage t shirts are extremely popular. They usually carry cartoons or phrases that were very popular when they were originally used, and are now making people smile as a part of fashion.

Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles are all images we can easily recognise. This is probably why they are used so frequently in the vintage t shirt market. The train of thought is easy to follow. Vintage t shirt suppliers must make them immediately and easily recognisable, hence the popular images.

Much of the design tends to originate around the 50’s, an extremely stylish decade. Even advertisements of the time have made their way onto the vintage t shirts of today.

Vintage t shirts are an easy way for those with a non-conformist trend, for whatever reason, to conform when needed. For example, the computer geek often wears a vintage t shirt. It suits them, and is widely acceptable outside their circle.

Because the market is so vibrant, it is relatively easy to purchase cheap vintage t shirts. However, many are pretty expensive. Much of the expense is usually down to the ‘in’ or ‘cool’ tag that is associated with items of clothing people wish to be seen in. This is certainly the case when the rich and famous pick up the style.

Further, the biggest fashion houses, certainly never backward in coming forward, have taken up the production of vintage t shirts because they know the market is robust. Ironically, this has resulted in the fashion houses “following fashion”.

The influx of designer vintage t shirts has pushed the base price up, but cheap samples are always easily found.
Those that you would expect to pay good money for are those with the ‘limited edition’ tag. These are usually a result of a top designer getting involved and producing vintage t shirts that everybody wants. This is a pretty good reason to pay a more expensive mark-up as the quality of a designer t shirt is usually far superior.

Dolce and Gabbana have gone all out on designer vintage t shirts with metallic print in silver and gold. Their styling is particularly fitting for the glam rock styling that many people favour in the market. This style appeals mostly to men, especially the adventurous man, but could cost around 300 – 400 dollars each.

There are plenty of outlets where a vintage t-shirt can be purchased. Locally, department store or online, all offer different pros and cons. If buying online, you need to ensure the quality of the shirt before purchase, and also guarantee the credibility of the online store. Make sure the garment will arrive when you make an order!

The retro look is a full-on, contemporary style that much of society wishes to belong to. The vintage t shirt market is, simply, the best way to get some of that style to rub off on the purchaser.

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