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The place of Military Watches for Men in Fashion

military watch for men

Can military watches for men be worn as fashion accessories? Are they suitable for casual wears? Military timepieces were initially produced for well, exactly as its name states, military purposes. A military watch incorporates important features such as dark colors into their design for camouflage in jungles, built in compass for navigation,non-reflective surfaces for proper concealment and more.

However, in my opinion, this has changed over the years; military watches have become very commonly used for fashion. This is not surprising considering the overall look of most military watches. They look cool and sporty and are easy to match with casual outfits. It is becoming increasingly common to see people wearing these type of watches for fashion rather than actually needing them for use in the military. If you think about it, features such as stop watch and push to light feature common in most military watches, are very useful for everyday use. In addition to their great look, it is no wonder that people wear them as their main watches everyday. The market for military watches has evolved and manufacturers realized this. Thus, more effort is put into the design and aesthetics of these watches to attract a larger market.

This is great news for everyone though. It means that we have more choices when buying watches for normal everyday wear. It also means that one of the best watches for men is military watches. I personally own a G-shock mudman watch which I used when I was in the military, but until now I still wear it everytime I go jogging and it looks great with my sports wear.

In my next article I will adress what to look out for when choosing military watches and remember you don’t have to actually enlist in the military to buy a great fashionable watch.

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