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Something Old, Something New: Six TV Shows That Teach Us How To Dress

How many times did you watch a TV Series and secretly wished to be in the place of at least one character, just to be able to wear her or his outfits? We like TV series not only for their stories, plot developments, unforgettable characters or impact on our culture, their famous writers or ageless exploited personal dramas, but also for the fashion trends they set in a certain period of time. We live modern times, when fashion became eclectic, twisted and sophisticated, mixing the old with the new and the original with the daring, while we still hold dear some special shows that apart from their plot lines, are truly a long fashion show meant to amaze and inspire.

If you are a TV series fan and you happen to benefit from good Charter Cable California deals, you certainly realized that these old and new shows will stand the test of time when it comes to fashion statements and trends.

Sex and the City

This was a show about women (and sometimes men) looking for love, trying to manage relationships and struggling to understand the sex gap so they could find the long – desired happiness. However, the show and the two subsequent movies were also the kings of product placement and if you remember some of Carrie’s outfits, you’ll realize the show was a six season long commercial for Manolo Blahnik shoes, Prada outfits and Vuitton accessories.

Pretty Little Liars

They’re young, they lie, they get into trouble and they became a modern fashion statement and trend for all of us out there who identify with their specific styles and want to adopt them. It’s hard not to love their wardrobe, especially if we fall into the same age frame and fortunately for all women out there, we can also afford some of these girls’ outfits. If you think Gossip Girl is a better, modern match to the classic Sex and the City, well… you might be right, provided you have also the budget.

Ally McBeal

Who doesn’t love the nineties? The music, the fashion, the atmosphere, the technological rising and the TV shows that made our days and nights. Ally McBeal is a cult show even today, because it was daring, naughty, perky and sometimes so cheesy, it makes us smiles every time we remember some of Ally’s personal insignificant dramas. But the 90’s also brought us lawyer shows and Ally’s microscopic skirts and fashionable suits convinced many women to wear the style proudly back in the day.


Modern lawyer TV show and the suits didn’t fundamentally change a bit. Maybe Glenn Close wasn’t a big fun of the mini skirt, but that woman could make any designer lawyer suit to be proud. The show is over but the outfits ended up on online charity auction and women paid good money to at least get dressed like Glenn, if not completely being able to copy her personality, too. Lawyer outfits will always be in fashion and Suits is here to prove it too.

Beverly Hills 90210

Do you still remember this show? If you’re still young at heart, you can’t hold a nostalgic smile when you think of Bobby and Dylan’s hairdos, Brenda’s taste for the grunge style or Donna and Kelly’s collection of summer dresses, shorts and accessories. It was the age of denim, leather jackets with a James Dean scent and gel trends almost reminding of even older Travolta’s Grease style. It was the cut-off jeans, the boots, the square shirts and the sunglasses that made this show so popular, and besides its rather complicated, soap-opera plot development, back in the day we displayed those denims like walking the podium.


New age, new high school fashion.  We still have the sporty tracksuits, but also the mini kilt, long socks and that innocent look on the character’s faces which now make Kelly and Donna look like beach bimbos. Sometimes too innocent and sometimes naughty, the fashion displays in Glee may actually be representative for this present generation, just as Saved by the Bell was in its good old sweet days, because it is hard to believe that all high school teenagers and college noobs dress up like the people from the Vampire Diaries.

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