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My ideas about affordable men’s watches

Affordable? – rather depends on how deep the pocket is

Seiko men's affordable watch

When exploring the best affordable watches for men issue the relevant question is “affordable to whom?”  I am hoping to cover the topic sufficiently to illicit the best affordable watches for you.  “The Best?” – my friend, there are thousands of watches out there, THOUSANDS.  ewatches and the Watchery, each have in the order of 5,000+ men’s watches while amazon men’s watches has hundreds of thousands watches – you could get lost in there and never come out!

What can I do to narrow it down for you?  I think we can agree that this website caters for a certain style of watches.  I cater to the more elegant, dress style men’s watches.  While my preference is the less cluttered “clear readable dial”, I have displayed some that have a few functions on there.  I don’t want to confine the site too strictly to my own tastes.

Affordable Luxury Watches for Men

If you are interested in a luxury watch but have the good sense to want to source it at the best price – you have come to the right place to locate affordable luxury watches for men.  I can certainly help save you some time in sourcing what you are after (the discount merchant sites are huge – you don’t want to go in there cold).  If you view some of the luxury watches I am showcasing in my Top Shelf page it may shortcut your search.  You may see the type of watch you are looking for and you can follow easy-to-find links there to view more watches of that brand, or click on the images to take you through to the merchant website.  You are under no obligation by clicking on any links on this website …you will just be taken to a new page where you can find more information.  All of the merchants I am linking to offer exceptional discounts.

Cheap Men’s Watches

Beware you do not fall in the trap when looking for cheap men’s watches that you don’t wind up with something cheap and nasty.  While it is sensible to want the best deal on men’s watches, make sure you get a good reputable brand.  The Emporio Armani and Bulova watches are really cheap in my opinion – for what they are, which is certainly not nasty (they are in fact very nice).  At the discount prices on these merchant websites, they are fantastic watches at outstanding value for money.

Desirable qualities in a watch

When buying a watch there are certain desirable qualities, bearing in mind there may be a trade off with regard these qualities versus cost.  Also the question of the intended use of the watch, and realistic expectations regarding performance and longevity.  Some may look upon a watch as a lifetime purchase where others may be happy to replace it in a few years.

  • A round glass or crystal is a desirable quality as the shape lends itself to better water resistance and ease of repair.
  • Sapphire Crystal (glass) is a very desirable quality as it is (virtually) scratch proof.
  • An all stainless steel case is desirable – not just the back or the bezel …perspiration can corrode over time and affect water proofing.
  • A screwed on back is desirable with a water proof rating of 100 metres (evidenced by the indents in the back to accommodate the watchmaker/repairer’s tool to screw it off – not a smooth back).
  • A clear readable dial is a desirable quality (it is for me at least).
  • The ability to replace the watchband/strap may be a quality that is desirable to you.
  • A good movement is a particularly desirable quality in a mechanical watch, bearing in mind however that quartz watches have made very accurate timepieces very affordable.

Like I mentioned, there may be a trade off on some of these qualities versus cost.  It is up to you which qualities you are prepared to trade off and at what cost.  Personally, if I were paying upward of a thousand for a watch I would certainly be looking hard at getting a watch with those desirable qualities.  The most important desirable quality of course is the way the watch looks – you really have to like the way it looks I reckon.

How are you going to chose which are the best affordable men’s watches?

I suggest you make a bit of a short list of which you think are the best affordable men’s watches in your opinion and to your taste.

Follow the links through to the merchant site and compare the (desirable) qualities.  Don’t ignore your gut feeling which is usually connected to the appearance (it is important).

Be realistic with your expectations, but most likely you will be impressed with the merchant websites when you see the quality of watches you can get within your budget online.

Maybe set your sights a bit higher than what you anticipated and look for a fantastic discount.  There are some outstanding deals in there.

Cost Scale of the watches:

I am going to roughly rank the watches in a descending order based on cost.  Totally ballpark costs as each brand may have individual watch prices higher and lower than other brands.  These are just the brands I am showcasing so far from the discount merchant sites.  The cost rankings are solely based on my estimates of average prices of the watch brands displayed for sale on those sites.  Bear in mind some of the higher price brands have watches in the lower cost ranges, particularly quartz watches (which are excellent time keepers – give them credit).

When comparing desirable qualities, compare watches not brands – a brand may not have the same qualities for every watch.

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