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Mens skinny jeans, a new corner in casual wear

Man has always wanted a change in his life. Sometimes a good change lasts for ever. Similarly changes in personal lifestyle and especially wearing left good signs on ones personality. It is said that what you eat is for you and what you wear is for others. We feel fed up when we have to wear formal clothes all weak long. So we try to get up in casual clothing. When ever there is a question of casual clothing we certainly discuss jeans.

Basically jeans are casual wear which is in use since early 19th century where it was used by the Indian sailors as denim made wear alls. In Second World War, Jeans were a main wear for the industry working individuals. Jeans remained a symbol of casual wear and became and extremely popular wear when a Garman trader Levi Strauss started to trade jeans for the workers of Californian mining industry with his brand name Levis.

levis jeans

Some other companies also started to develop jeans for men and women under different brand name like Wrangler and Lee etc.

The era of Sixties and early Seventies has seen huge gain of popularity of jeans wear among the Americans especially worker and young aged group. However jeans remained popular among men and women both. Several jeans styles were introduced which may vary in denim quality, color, fit and style. Initially mens were having zipper their jeans in the front and for women it was on right side which then changed to front for all. Similarly there are different pocket styles in different jeans styles. Side pockets, Front pockets, front diagonal pockets and back cut pockets etc. Often there are different qualities of denim used by the brands for their unique styles.

Some of the fits and styles in wore by men are now days are:  Mens Skinny jeans, Mens Straight jeans, Mens relaxed style jeans, Mens Carpenter style jeans, Baggy jeans etc. Skin fit jeans or Mens skinny jeans have a snug fit through the legs and its ends in a small opening which may be in any size around anywhere from 9” to 20” depending on size and style. Often mens skinny jeans are made up of stretchable denim may be anywhere from 2% to 4% spandex which help the jeans to be slim fit in men.

men's skinny jeans
Men’s skinny jeans

The current style of mens skinny jeans has evolved up form from the history of approximately 50 years. And mostly it was the pop and rock music bands which promoted this style among the young generation. This style came in early 50s when the pop stars were seen wearing skin fit jeans. Mens skinny jeans were most popular among the pop bands like The Beetles and The Rolling Stones etc. Like wise in 80s skin tight acid washed and stone washed jeans were most popular among the metal bands like Anthrax, Metallic and Slayers etc. Mens skinny jeans were also worn up by most popular pop celebrities like Michael Jackson etc. During the era of 2000 mens skinny jeans were worn by indie pop and indie rock bands.

During 2000 era, the mens skinny jeans became extremely popular in Britain when a company named Topman started producing mens skinny jeans for the young and fun loving customers. In America another company named as The Buzz later broke all the records of Mens skinny jeans sales.  Now a days the most famous and popular Mens skinny jeans brand is Cheap Monday which is owned by Swedish company H&M. Skinny jeans are now the part of many sports like skate boarding and BMX racing. As they provide greater protection and easy maneuverability. Mens skinny jeans are available in many colors and the price ranges from $70.00 USD to $250.00 USD.

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