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Cleaning of Suede Shoes

Bought a new pair of suede shoes and wondering how to clean them. Suede is a wonderful material, but needs to be cleaned properly to make them look good.

Let us talk about how to clean suede shoes. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Suede shoes are malleable and supple. If struck, it leaves a mark on them. Avoid using a hard brush on you suede shoes. Keep them in a shoebox to keep it away from dust. You can also keep them in dust bags individually to make sure that they do not rub each other. Another thing to remember is that suede and water does not mix together. So keep them away from water.

Cleaning suede shoes should be done with a light and dust brush. Brush in all direction to loosen the dirt and bring the nap in it. Use a suede brush for this. A regular nylon shoe brush can also be used for it. If the marks are heavy, you may have to use a wire brush or a hard bristle toothbrush for it. Rub with strong strokes and restore the nap. Brush the shoe in the direction of the grain of the suede.

It is advisable to use a suede eraser for strong stains on your suede shoes, especially black suede shoes. It helps to restore the suede to its original form. It makes your shoes glossy and leather like and the nap is restored. For a lesser effect, a pencil eraser can also be used. Medium sand paper can be used if you cannot find a suede eraser. Some even say that white vinegar rubbed on to suede removes the stains. But this is the last resort. Always remember to use a brush finally to make the nap uniform.

If water falls on mens suede shoes and dries, it leaves a mark. Take a newspaper and wet rag and rub on the entire shoe. Let them dry in shade and then brush to the nap uniformly.

These methods are very useful for all suede shoe owners. These are comprehensive guide of all researches and used tips.

Avoid water on your suede shoes. Such stains are difficult to remove. Leather slips water easily, but suede does not. Avoid staining suede with water.

Maintaining suede also includes prevention. Use spray on your shoes to make water seepage stopped. After this spray, suede shoes are easy to clean.

New pencil erasers can also be used to clean suede. They come in handy for unclean and sullied shoes. Go in for a gentle washcloth and brush. The brush should have soft metal bristles.

Please ensure that suede is not wet while cleaning. Wipe the dirt with a soft dry cloth before cleaning them. If the shoes are muddy, wipe the mud when the shoes are dry.

Suede shoes need overnight drying. Stretchers should be used so that shoes are not deformed. If you do not have stretchers, simple ball some old papers and put them inside the shoes. It will act like stretchers.

Suede shoes looks good on everyone. But it needs proper cleaning and maintenance.

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