Cleaning of Suede Shoes

Bought a new pair of suede shoes and wondering how to clean them. Suede is a wonderful material, but needs to be cleaned properly to make them look good.

Let us talk about how to clean suede shoes. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Suede shoes are malleable and supple. If struck, it leaves a mark on them. Avoid using a hard brush on you suede shoes. Keep them in a shoebox to keep it away from dust. You can also keep them in dust bags individually to make sure that they do not rub each other. Another thing to remember is that suede and water does not mix together. So keep them away from water.

Cleaning suede shoes should be done with a light and dust brush. Brush in all direction to loosen the dirt and bring the nap in it. Use a suede brush for this. A regular nylon shoe brush can also be used for it. If the marks are heavy, you may have to use a wire brush or a hard bristle toothbrush for it. Rub with strong strokes and restore the nap. Brush the shoe in the direction of the grain of the suede.

It is advisable to use a suede eraser for strong stains on your suede shoes, especially black suede shoes. It helps to restore the suede to its original form. It makes your shoes glossy and leather like and the nap is restored. For a lesser effect, a pencil eraser can also be used. Medium sand paper can be used if you cannot find a suede eraser. Some even say that white vinegar rubbed on to suede removes the stains. But this is the last resort. Always remember to use a brush finally to make the nap uniform.

If water falls on mens suede shoes and dries, it leaves a mark. Take a newspaper and wet rag and rub on the entire shoe. Let them dry in shade and then brush to the nap uniformly.

These methods are very useful for all suede shoe owners. These are comprehensive guide of all researches and used tips.

Avoid water on your suede shoes. Such stains are difficult to remove. Leather slips water easily, but suede does not. Avoid staining suede with water.

Maintaining suede also includes prevention. Use spray on your shoes to make water seepage stopped. After this spray, suede shoes are easy to clean.

New pencil erasers can also be used to clean suede. They come in handy for unclean and sullied shoes. Go in for a gentle washcloth and brush. The brush should have soft metal bristles.

Please ensure that suede is not wet while cleaning. Wipe the dirt with a soft dry cloth before cleaning them. If the shoes are muddy, wipe the mud when the shoes are dry.

Suede shoes need overnight drying. Stretchers should be used so that shoes are not deformed. If you do not have stretchers, simple ball some old papers and put them inside the shoes. It will act like stretchers.

Suede shoes looks good on everyone. But it needs proper cleaning and maintenance.

Men’s belt buckles – A fashion accessory

Men’s fashion has changed very drastically. It has come a long way from the range of just having a trouser and shirt combination. Men have also become more fashion conscious as women. They have started using a number of accessories, jewelry and other add-ons to their apparels as the women do. Men also try to look fashionable within their range and collection of apparels and accessories available. One such cool accessory is the men’s belt buckles.

Gone are the days when the men’s belt buckle was used only to hold up only their trousers. The cool belt buckles are used to emphasize their persona and to grab the attention of others. They can make your simple outfit look stunning and fashionable.

Belt buckle which form an integral part of the belt are available in various types made of plastic, metal, wood and even out of silver and gold. Those made of rhinestones are expensive. Digital belt buckles and scrolling light buckles are the latest ones. There are also personalized belt buckles available where there are certain descriptions of the user’s choice. Certain unique belt buckles are also made on exclusive orders.

Men belt buckles are available with religious symbols on it. People who wish to be pious in everything use these types. They convey the message of faith, hope and love.

Men belt buckle representing their occupations are also available like plumber belt buckle, trucker’s, firemen etc. Sports team belt buckles and business logo buckles are found.

Mens fashion belt buckles are specially designed that can add a unique style and express your sense of fashion.  There are certain crazy buckles with faces on them or with the loop of stars, led displays also.

The good thing about the mens belt buckles is that they are light weight, adjustable and can also be changed on a belt. They are easily available everywhere and are also cheap. They are in different colors, shapes  and sizes.

Mens belt buckles which boast the nature of the user like rough and tough, wild, death defying etc., are also available. Others which carry slogans or implied messages are also available. Custom made buckles can also be ordered with wildest of your imaginations and specifications inscribed on it.

One of the hot and most popular mens belt buckles now-a-days is the military one. This is used to express the support and pride for the soldiers, show off their patriotism etc. These belt buckles have the flag and the national emblem of the country embossed on them. The designs are mostly in bronze, stainless steel, pewter. There are also rhinestones and diamonds studded in some of them. There are hand made belt buckles which depict the ranks of the military officials from the Army, the Air force and the Navy. Lifetime warranty is given for them.

The belt buckles also form great gifts that can be given to someone special to you. They can convey your words of appreciation. They make good anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or even mementos.

How to Pick a Good College Sweatshirt

Wearing a college sweatshirt can be the one thing that you can do to show your pride and appreciation for the university where you are studying. Wearing one of these sweatshirts has been a tradition on a lot campuses not only in the United States but also in other parts of the globe. When you wear a sweatshirt with your university logo or name, you are also promoting your school unconsciously.

I am very meticulous with the things that I own. This is probably the reason why I am so picky when it comes to the sweatshirts that I am using. Aside from the comfort that a college sweatshirt can provide me during cold weather, these should also be very easy to manage, especially during laundry.

This is why I often pick out plain colored college sweatshirts because these will surely not cause stain and discoloration. Ensuring this, I will be able to wear my sweatshirts for a longer period of time. Talking about its lifespan, I always choose a sweatshirt that is durable. You can determin if it’s durable based on the fabric it is made from. My favorite is cotton.

I also have a college sweatshirt that can be safely ironed. I always want to look and project my best appearance when I go out, this is why my sweatshirts should be well-pressed and ironed. There are some sweatshirts made of materials that are not very safe for ironing. For me, these are not good.

To save money on a college sweatshirt, I will always go for the ones that don’t have too much color on them. Most of the multi-colored for sweatshirts are more expensive. And, here is a tip, the sweatshirts that have too much color are not as flattering as those with a little less color. So, when you want to pick out a good college sweatshirt, go for the ones with the simplest most readable designs.

Sometimes, I will just buy a plain sweatshirt online. There are a lot of cheap ones that can be found on the Internet that are really cheap and affordable. What I do with it is turn it into a personalized college sweatshirt. There a lot of students who are doing this and I am one of them. By doing this, I was able to create a more professional sweatshirt that is reflective of my personality.

When picking out college sweatshirts, you should always make sure you will like wearing it by choosing it carefully. It should have the ability to provide you comfort as well as a good sense of style. Choose colors that will match your skin tone. If you prefer you can choose to buy the hooded ones to make you look more hip and funky.

Show your fashion panache with men’s silk ties

There are numerous accessories that give the finishing touch to the dressing sequence. Ties are one of the important accessories that will enhance the persona of the person wearing it. Several assortments of ties  for men are obtainable. Men’s silk ties are one of the best varieties found in the market.
They are one of the expensive fabrics. Lot of silk cocoons is used for extracting silk needed for the silk tie. Silk fabric is woven and then dyed with the desired color using natural or organic procedure or sophisticated chemical  coloring process is adopted.

Mens silk tie shows the fashion panache of the person. You can enhance your outfit by including a tie which will emanate an aura of luxury in your style. They are the most preferred ones .They give the best annotation of the inner world of men.

Silk ties for men are available in boys and extra long size for tall people. They are firstly visible in the person’s attire. They are essential accessories which present a noble, civilized and professional vision of the candidate wearing it.

Men silk ties are luxurious accessories which give a patina to a man’s apparel. There is a built in cache of expense and charm with the silk ties.
The fashion experts design the suits in such a way that they are able to coordinate the proper silk ties for best results. Business fashion experts feel that the ties  highlight the personality of the wearer. They also add to the magnificence and quality of an ensemble.

While purchasing a men silk tie, one has to ensure that it is made of 100% pure silk. The pattern of the tie and the tie knot also projects the skill and ability of the person.

Men’s silk ties are made either from the printed silk or woven silk. Woven silk is always preferred over the printed silk because of the good texture and depth. The printed silk ties are rather flat, smooth and plain. The weight of the silk used, linings, shape and design also has to be looked into before buying a tie.

Mens silk ties are used only during special occasions particularly with the formal attire and during formal events. They come in classic colors like white, black, silver blue, pink etc. There are solid bold colors and patterned designs also. Light colors are preferred mostly for weddings while solid colors are for evening events. However, the silk ties are part of the formal corporate dress code. They are the must for office presentations, business meetings and conventions.

Great care is needed to preserve the expensive ties. Never expose the tie to water. If it is stained, then act immediately and dab a small amount of stain remover  on it and blot it with a paper towel. You can also get the tie dry cleaned professionally with the dry cleaners. Use fabric protection spray before wearing them. You should roll the ties loosely instead of hanging them which will leave the creases on them. Rolling will evade wrinkling of the ties.

Men’s silk ties not only give a fashion statement but also the proficient look.

My ideas about affordable men’s watches

Affordable? – rather depends on how deep the pocket is

Seiko men's affordable watch

When exploring the best affordable watches for men issue the relevant question is “affordable to whom?”  I am hoping to cover the topic sufficiently to illicit the best affordable watches for you.  “The Best?” – my friend, there are thousands of watches out there, THOUSANDS.  ewatches and the Watchery, each have in the order of 5,000+ men’s watches while amazon men’s watches has hundreds of thousands watches – you could get lost in there and never come out!

What can I do to narrow it down for you?  I think we can agree that this website caters for a certain style of watches.  I cater to the more elegant, dress style men’s watches.  While my preference is the less cluttered “clear readable dial”, I have displayed some that have a few functions on there.  I don’t want to confine the site too strictly to my own tastes.

Affordable Luxury Watches for Men

If you are interested in a luxury watch but have the good sense to want to source it at the best price – you have come to the right place to locate affordable luxury watches for men.  I can certainly help save you some time in sourcing what you are after (the discount merchant sites are huge – you don’t want to go in there cold).  If you view some of the luxury watches I am showcasing in my Top Shelf page it may shortcut your search.  You may see the type of watch you are looking for and you can follow easy-to-find links there to view more watches of that brand, or click on the images to take you through to the merchant website.  You are under no obligation by clicking on any links on this website …you will just be taken to a new page where you can find more information.  All of the merchants I am linking to offer exceptional discounts.

Cheap Men’s Watches

Beware you do not fall in the trap when looking for cheap men’s watches that you don’t wind up with something cheap and nasty.  While it is sensible to want the best deal on men’s watches, make sure you get a good reputable brand.  The Emporio Armani and Bulova watches are really cheap in my opinion – for what they are, which is certainly not nasty (they are in fact very nice).  At the discount prices on these merchant websites, they are fantastic watches at outstanding value for money.

Desirable qualities in a watch

When buying a watch there are certain desirable qualities, bearing in mind there may be a trade off with regard these qualities versus cost.  Also the question of the intended use of the watch, and realistic expectations regarding performance and longevity.  Some may look upon a watch as a lifetime purchase where others may be happy to replace it in a few years.

  • A round glass or crystal is a desirable quality as the shape lends itself to better water resistance and ease of repair.
  • Sapphire Crystal (glass) is a very desirable quality as it is (virtually) scratch proof.
  • An all stainless steel case is desirable – not just the back or the bezel …perspiration can corrode over time and affect water proofing.
  • A screwed on back is desirable with a water proof rating of 100 metres (evidenced by the indents in the back to accommodate the watchmaker/repairer’s tool to screw it off – not a smooth back).
  • A clear readable dial is a desirable quality (it is for me at least).
  • The ability to replace the watchband/strap may be a quality that is desirable to you.
  • A good movement is a particularly desirable quality in a mechanical watch, bearing in mind however that quartz watches have made very accurate timepieces very affordable.

Like I mentioned, there may be a trade off on some of these qualities versus cost.  It is up to you which qualities you are prepared to trade off and at what cost.  Personally, if I were paying upward of a thousand for a watch I would certainly be looking hard at getting a watch with those desirable qualities.  The most important desirable quality of course is the way the watch looks – you really have to like the way it looks I reckon.

How are you going to chose which are the best affordable men’s watches?

I suggest you make a bit of a short list of which you think are the best affordable men’s watches in your opinion and to your taste.

Follow the links through to the merchant site and compare the (desirable) qualities.  Don’t ignore your gut feeling which is usually connected to the appearance (it is important).

Be realistic with your expectations, but most likely you will be impressed with the merchant websites when you see the quality of watches you can get within your budget online.

Maybe set your sights a bit higher than what you anticipated and look for a fantastic discount.  There are some outstanding deals in there.

Cost Scale of the watches:

I am going to roughly rank the watches in a descending order based on cost.  Totally ballpark costs as each brand may have individual watch prices higher and lower than other brands.  These are just the brands I am showcasing so far from the discount merchant sites.  The cost rankings are solely based on my estimates of average prices of the watch brands displayed for sale on those sites.  Bear in mind some of the higher price brands have watches in the lower cost ranges, particularly quartz watches (which are excellent time keepers – give them credit).

When comparing desirable qualities, compare watches not brands – a brand may not have the same qualities for every watch.

The place of Military Watches for Men in Fashion

military watch for men

Can military watches for men be worn as fashion accessories? Are they suitable for casual wears? Military timepieces were initially produced for well, exactly as its name states, military purposes. A military watch incorporates important features such as dark colors into their design for camouflage in jungles, built in compass for navigation,non-reflective surfaces for proper concealment and more.

However, in my opinion, this has changed over the years; military watches have become very commonly used for fashion. This is not surprising considering the overall look of most military watches. They look cool and sporty and are easy to match with casual outfits. It is becoming increasingly common to see people wearing these type of watches for fashion rather than actually needing them for use in the military. If you think about it, features such as stop watch and push to light feature common in most military watches, are very useful for everyday use. In addition to their great look, it is no wonder that people wear them as their main watches everyday. The market for military watches has evolved and manufacturers realized this. Thus, more effort is put into the design and aesthetics of these watches to attract a larger market.

This is great news for everyone though. It means that we have more choices when buying watches for normal everyday wear. It also means that one of the best watches for men is military watches. I personally own a G-shock mudman watch which I used when I was in the military, but until now I still wear it everytime I go jogging and it looks great with my sports wear.

In my next article I will adress what to look out for when choosing military watches and remember you don’t have to actually enlist in the military to buy a great fashionable watch.

Who shouldn’t buy Invicta dive watches?

invicta pro diver

Invicta pro diver watches are famous for their quality and reliability in the price range of under 100 USD. However, these affordable dive watches are not ideal choices for anyone. If you want to buy an Invicta watch online, you will find it quite difficult to decide upon a few pictures and specifications. So in this article, I’d like to list out some things you should consider in order to make the best buying decision with your hard earned money.

In brief, if you find yourself in the cases below, I think you should look out for a more suitable item.

NOTE: In this review, “Pro diver” is referred to standard models in Invicta pro diver series which has the dials of 37mm-44mm, oversized models are not included as they are exceptional and some of them have a total different design cues to the rest.

  1. You are a pro diver

So strange, right? I’ve just told you not to buy a pro diver watch, because you’re a diving expert!!! You are not misreading, in fact, Invicta pro diver watches are not designed for professional use, they just have better warterproof ability compared to other dress watches. Don’t believe the statement “200m Water resist” on the dial, or you will put your watch at risk. Many people have reported that their watches got water inside after going diving. However, after testing Invicta 8928OB & 8932 (automatic & quartz pro diver models), I had no problem with their waterproof ability, I don’t know exactly how deep these watches can withstand, but at least I could bring them to the sea and played freely with the watches hands-on, even diving to some levels. In my opinion, if you are a professional diver who really need a “100m or 200m water resist” watch, some Japanese brands like Orient or Seiko can offer you more suitable choices with a reasonable price (of course more expensive than Invicta’s timepieces). Invicta dive watches are for some bodies who just need a good waterproof timepiece, not a real diving tool.

  1. You want a unique – style timepiece

As you can see through pictures, over 80% of Invicta pro divers’ details are taken from the Rolex Submariner. This design is Invicta’s biggest advantage and disadvantage simultaneously. Some people just care about quality, if a watch is reliable and beautiful, they will choose it. As long as the item belongs to some authorized manufacturer, not a fake one, they find no problem with it, even if the design is very similar to a more famous brand. Others are higher demanding, they see their watch as something to show their individuality, so they don’t want their timepiece to look like a replica. What type of user are you? If you belong to the second group, I suggest you to find another dive watch, as with an Invicta pro diver watch, you would always feel you’re wearing a copied version of Rolex.

invicta pro diver rolex submariner
The Invicta 8926OB looks very similar to the Rolex Submariner
  1. You prefer a watch with sportier look

Invicta pro diver series holds a very classy and elegant look taken from the Rolex Submariner, especially their two-tone models such as the 8928OB or 8934. They are dressier than most dive watches and very appropriate for daily use. In case you want some timepiece which looks more dynamic and masculine, some other brands can offer you dive watches with sportier and sturdier styles, over 100 USD we have Seiko,Orient, Bulova, Citizen (check out some good affordable dive watches here!)… under this price you can consider Casio or Sturling. It depends on your taste and demand to decide which watch to buy,with an Invicta dive watch,  you may look good not only when going diving, but also in formal occassions because Invicta’s style is very easy to mix with any kind of apparel. However, if you want to express your strong and dynamic personality, opt for another watch! Besides, if you want an oversized sporty watch, you can also take a look at the over-47mm-dial pro diver models that I excluded from this review.

  1. Swiss dive watches, with Japanese movements & the cases made in China – do you like it?

Invicta dive watches is a mixture of a Swiss brand name with components from other countries. Most users don’t care about it, they just need to know their Invicta watch has a Japanese movement inside, it’s enough to trust the watch’s quality, because Japanese watchmakers like Seiko, Orient or Miyota…are famous for their reliable movements – both quartz and automatic. However, some users want more than that, they are concerned with the origin of their watch. If you are a person like that, you would feel Invicta, who just designs their watches and outsources all things from the case to movement, should be ranked a little lower than Japanese and some other European watchmakers, who can produce their own products from A to Z. There’re also some “Swiss quartz” in pro diver series, but I think it’s just a marketing trick to sell products with a higher price, because quartz movement is not a strong point of Swiss component suppliers, Swiss made timepieces are just famous for their automatic calibers. Invicta watches are beautiful and reliable watches, but they don’t show the craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

  1. You want a good after-sale service

Yeah, Invicta offers you good timepieces with very attractive prices, but when it comes to customer service, you will be disappointed. I didn’t have a chance to experience Invicta’s customer service, but lots of people complained about it. At first, when you try to contact them through emails, it’s a miss or hit, don’t expect them to reply all of your questions. Secondly, they charged a very high price for each component you want to change, sometimes a mineral glass can cost you 1/3 of the complete watch. As I said, I didn’t have any experience with Invicta’s after-sale service, so I can’t say for sure that it’s bad, but you should think twice before buying their items if you want a good care from the producer.

Do you find any of these above cases your own concern? Invicta pro divers are good wristwatches, indeed, but they’re not products for everyone. Regrettably, when you seek out for another choice, you will see that not so many producers willing to offer you a high – quality product at an attractively cheap price like Invicta does. However, because Invicta misses something you need,you had better move on!

Wanna run your own hat apparel business? Here are some things for you to consider!

mens hat

There are many people who want to run their own hat apparel business. Most of them do not know where and how to start. They are unaware of what a great competition hats apparel business has in America.

There are many questions which come to your mind when you want to start something new in hats. Let us discuss some of the important factors which one needs to keep in mind while starting a hat apparel business.

1. The most important thing in the hat business is to know your customer well. Get the answers to the following questions to know your customers are:

a. Who may be your customers?
b. What age they are of?
c. How many customers are there?
d. At what frequency do they shop?
e. What amount do they keep to buy hats?
f. Where do they generally shop from?
g. Which hat is popular among them?

If you are able to get answers to these questions, you will be able to know at what price you can sell hats and how many hats can you sell.

2. The second but one of the most important thing is to know who your competitor is. Also you need to know what types of hats they are designing and how much they are pricing them at. Try to know their marketing plans too.

These questions will let you know what you should design and the price which you should sell the hats. This will help you to start your own hat apparel strategy.

3. Marketing your hat means launching your hat wear line. You will have to market your hat well. For example, if you have red hat society apparel which you need to market, try to launch it well. It will help you to be creative.

4. The next part is to get answers to some cost related questions:
a. Office rental and staffs cost
b. Marketing cost
c. Travel expenses
d. Show expenses
e. Cost to sample designs
f. Production cost

5. Financing is important in setting up all businesses. You need to know all your sources of money which you can get to start your hat apparel house.

6. In the fashion world, everything is timings. If you are designing red hat apparel, try launching them during Christmas season as red is the most sought colour during Christmas. Make sure that your timings are good.

7. Another simple thing is to write down your plan of action. It will decrease the chances of failure. It will help you to be more focused and will also provide the details. This is very important.

Always remember to be creative in this field. Hats are an important part of the attire. Be through with your research before designing the hats.

There are many types of hats. Make sure to know your customers wants before starting the business. It will help you climb the ladder of success. Alternative apparel hat is not there. You will have to wear a hat when the occasion demands. That is why there is a lot of scope in this business.

Some simple tips on choosing walking boots

choosing walking boots

If you are one of those outdoors type of men and you’re looking for some mens hiking boots and then this article is going to tell you a few tips and tricks on how you can get the best value for your money. However, there are a lot of things to consider about purchasing any type of boots before you actually buy them.

First, you need to consider the brand of the walking boots that you would want to purchase. Well-known brands are often the ones that can assure you of high quality products and can guarantee your satisfaction. Although branded items are often on the higher end when it comes to prices, your money is guaranteed not to go to waste.

However, quality is not all about brand. This is why aside from considering the brand you also need to consider the quality separately. There are some items from not so popular brands but when you look at the item description and examine the item itself, you will find that it holds so much more quality than you would think. So, there are times when you can opt to spend less on your hiking boots from less famous brands but with guaranteed quality.

Speaking of spending less, that is just another thing that you might want to consider. You might want to save part of your budget without sacrificing the quality and the comfort that you will get from walking shoes. As other people say it, you can choose to “spend wisely” while still being satisfied with the purchase you have made. This is what a lot of people term to as practicality.

Another thing that is worth considering when buying a walking boot is the type of book that you are actually going to need. Do you really need to buy one the top class of hiking boots when all you’re going to be doing some light walking? You should consider these things because the top class of hiking boot is going to cost you an awful lot more money.

There are a lot of wonderful men’s walking boots including sturdy Desert Boots that you could find in many shops. Before buying anything, you might want to consider shopping online. Although you sacrifice actually seeing and touching the boot, you may save a lot of money.

Vintage T-shirts, make your style aesthetically unique

vintage tshirts

The vintage t shirt is a convenient way for somebody to carry off a fashionable look in a post-modern way. There are countless examples of vintage tee shirts on the market and, due to constant demand, plenty of outlets willing to stock them.

At a fundamental level, vintage t shirts depict an image, idea, television program, political ideal, social keyword or other image from the past. The image is from history, either recent or ancient.

For example, there are plenty of t shirts in circulation depicting Battlestar Gallactica images, a sci-fi series from the seventies and eighties; or the Smurfs, a cartoon series from the eighties. Both of these designs could definitely be considered as vintage.

There are quite a few popular genres currently being worn. The funny vintage t shirts are extremely popular. They usually carry cartoons or phrases that were very popular when they were originally used, and are now making people smile as a part of fashion.

Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles are all images we can easily recognise. This is probably why they are used so frequently in the vintage t shirt market. The train of thought is easy to follow. Vintage t shirt suppliers must make them immediately and easily recognisable, hence the popular images.

Much of the design tends to originate around the 50’s, an extremely stylish decade. Even advertisements of the time have made their way onto the vintage t shirts of today.

Vintage t shirts are an easy way for those with a non-conformist trend, for whatever reason, to conform when needed. For example, the computer geek often wears a vintage t shirt. It suits them, and is widely acceptable outside their circle.

Because the market is so vibrant, it is relatively easy to purchase cheap vintage t shirts. However, many are pretty expensive. Much of the expense is usually down to the ‘in’ or ‘cool’ tag that is associated with items of clothing people wish to be seen in. This is certainly the case when the rich and famous pick up the style.

Further, the biggest fashion houses, certainly never backward in coming forward, have taken up the production of vintage t shirts because they know the market is robust. Ironically, this has resulted in the fashion houses “following fashion”.

The influx of designer vintage t shirts has pushed the base price up, but cheap samples are always easily found.
Those that you would expect to pay good money for are those with the ‘limited edition’ tag. These are usually a result of a top designer getting involved and producing vintage t shirts that everybody wants. This is a pretty good reason to pay a more expensive mark-up as the quality of a designer t shirt is usually far superior.

Dolce and Gabbana have gone all out on designer vintage t shirts with metallic print in silver and gold. Their styling is particularly fitting for the glam rock styling that many people favour in the market. This style appeals mostly to men, especially the adventurous man, but could cost around 300 – 400 dollars each.

There are plenty of outlets where a vintage t-shirt can be purchased. Locally, department store or online, all offer different pros and cons. If buying online, you need to ensure the quality of the shirt before purchase, and also guarantee the credibility of the online store. Make sure the garment will arrive when you make an order!

The retro look is a full-on, contemporary style that much of society wishes to belong to. The vintage t shirt market is, simply, the best way to get some of that style to rub off on the purchaser.

Mens skinny jeans, a new corner in casual wear

Man has always wanted a change in his life. Sometimes a good change lasts for ever. Similarly changes in personal lifestyle and especially wearing left good signs on ones personality. It is said that what you eat is for you and what you wear is for others. We feel fed up when we have to wear formal clothes all weak long. So we try to get up in casual clothing. When ever there is a question of casual clothing we certainly discuss jeans.

Basically jeans are casual wear which is in use since early 19th century where it was used by the Indian sailors as denim made wear alls. In Second World War, Jeans were a main wear for the industry working individuals. Jeans remained a symbol of casual wear and became and extremely popular wear when a Garman trader Levi Strauss started to trade jeans for the workers of Californian mining industry with his brand name Levis.

levis jeans

Some other companies also started to develop jeans for men and women under different brand name like Wrangler and Lee etc.

The era of Sixties and early Seventies has seen huge gain of popularity of jeans wear among the Americans especially worker and young aged group. However jeans remained popular among men and women both. Several jeans styles were introduced which may vary in denim quality, color, fit and style. Initially mens were having zipper their jeans in the front and for women it was on right side which then changed to front for all. Similarly there are different pocket styles in different jeans styles. Side pockets, Front pockets, front diagonal pockets and back cut pockets etc. Often there are different qualities of denim used by the brands for their unique styles.

Some of the fits and styles in wore by men are now days are:  Mens Skinny jeans, Mens Straight jeans, Mens relaxed style jeans, Mens Carpenter style jeans, Baggy jeans etc. Skin fit jeans or Mens skinny jeans have a snug fit through the legs and its ends in a small opening which may be in any size around anywhere from 9” to 20” depending on size and style. Often mens skinny jeans are made up of stretchable denim may be anywhere from 2% to 4% spandex which help the jeans to be slim fit in men.

men's skinny jeans
Men’s skinny jeans

The current style of mens skinny jeans has evolved up form from the history of approximately 50 years. And mostly it was the pop and rock music bands which promoted this style among the young generation. This style came in early 50s when the pop stars were seen wearing skin fit jeans. Mens skinny jeans were most popular among the pop bands like The Beetles and The Rolling Stones etc. Like wise in 80s skin tight acid washed and stone washed jeans were most popular among the metal bands like Anthrax, Metallic and Slayers etc. Mens skinny jeans were also worn up by most popular pop celebrities like Michael Jackson etc. During the era of 2000 mens skinny jeans were worn by indie pop and indie rock bands.

During 2000 era, the mens skinny jeans became extremely popular in Britain when a company named Topman started producing mens skinny jeans for the young and fun loving customers. In America another company named as The Buzz later broke all the records of Mens skinny jeans sales.  Now a days the most famous and popular Mens skinny jeans brand is Cheap Monday which is owned by Swedish company H&M. Skinny jeans are now the part of many sports like skate boarding and BMX racing. As they provide greater protection and easy maneuverability. Mens skinny jeans are available in many colors and the price ranges from $70.00 USD to $250.00 USD.

Leather-strap watches, the No.1 choice for gentlemen!

Watches have always been a fad among men. This is why the mens watches industry has been on a constant rise. There have been many models launched with various features. But the most important thing that a man first sees in a watch is the look. Many experiments have been made in the bezel and also in the strap of these watches, but the men’s leather watches have always managed to be on the top list. The watchmakers have made a number of changes in the designs, the materials and also the style to suit and match the need of the new generation. But the men’s leather watches have remained as a classic choice.

Invicta 8926OB on a leather strap
The Invicta 8926OB on a leather strap

The popularity of the metal straps and the digital dial can not be denied but still the traditional analog watch with a leather strap continues to charm the customers. Till today, these mens leather watches remain a common choice. There has not been any decline in the popularity of these mens leather watches even with the emergence of modernization and several new models and designs. Their popularity is not without sufficient reasons. Rather, there are a number of reasons that support the popularity of the mens leather watches.

First of all, it is the comfort that these straps offer. As they are comparatively softer, lighter in weight, and also softer to touch, they become more comfortable than the metal strapped watches. The straps are easier to adjust as the metal straps can not be helped when they do not fit. Moreover, the leather straps are more breathable for the skin.

The mens leather watches offer a wider range of colors and their combination. You can find a number of colors in these straps as compared to a few that are available in the metal straps. You could even choose to have a glossy surface to your leather surface or an animal textured strap. You could even choose different types of leather such as that which is made up of lizard or crocodile skin. If you are among those who will want to go for an exotic look, you can choose straps with intricate designs such as the leather that comes from the lizard skin. You can even have the ostrich skin leather that is characterized by Goosebumps. Or if you want an untamed and a waterproof look, you can certainly go for the shark skin leather.

Genuine shark skin strap
Genuine shark skin strap

How to choose a good messenger bag?


Speaking to men, I would suggest that the next time you are considering a practical gift for your wife, think about a large designer handbag. Remember, it doesn’t have to lack style and class just because it’s large in size.

There is a wide range of choice when it comes to messenger bags and the range for men can mean that we may find it hard to actually pick a suitable bag. Let’s take a look at a few tips to ensure that what we buy is the best that we can possibly can. Leather messenger bags for men are made in varying degrees of quality so if we want leather messenger bags for men that will last we need to ensure that they are made from good quality leather. Full grain is the best if you can afford it. And although we all want that distressed look it is worth bearing in mind that if you buy a bag that has been distressed then it will shorten the life span as this is taking the place of normal wear and tear.

mens designer hanbag
Genuine leather designer bag

If we can then a hand made bag is always going to give us the best in terms of quality but they can be expensive. But think about how long you may have the bag for and you may feel that the price is then justified. And with the look of the bag being very important we should always think about how strong an image the bag gives us. We do not want anything that is too flimsy or discreet looking. It is better to get something that stands out a little and screams quality. One of the best possible choices would be a bag from the Saddleback leather company. Although they are very expensive they will last for a lifetime so may well be worth the expense in the long term. That is the standard we should look for if we really want the bag to last for ever. Which they will if you buy one of these hand made leather messenger bags which are about as durable as it is possible to get.

I can’t tell you how important it is to me that my wife owns large designer handbags. Not because bigger is better or the larger the handbag the more visible the design or the fabric. But for the sole purpose of storing my wallet, keys and phone when we go somewhere. I know that is very selfish but I find myself very attracted to handbags that are large. So if I go shopping with my wife or if I am shopping alone without my wife, I tend to buy handbags, purses, or tote bags that are large enough for my stuff. As mentioned previously, I don’t have a lot of stuff, just my wallet, keys and phone.

messenger handbags
I like big-size handbags

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about style and looks when it comes to a purchasing designer handbags for my wife. Another criteria I have for purchasing handbags is that they have to be able to stand up when they are put on a flat surface. This proves that that base of the designer handbag is large enough to hold a lot of stuff. I am not trying to replace my suitcase with my wife’s handbags, but I just want to be able to put a few things in there when we go places. But I am not the only one. My wife is not shy when it comes to storing things in her purse. Stuff like reading glasses (several pairs), juice boxes and gummy bears for the kids, sunglasses, her wallet, the garage door opener, pens, pencils, sun screen and on and on and on.

Tips on Smart Casual Wear

mens casual wear

Fashion is a very subjective topic to be discussed openly. Different people have their own opinions about fashion and types of combination of clothing. Every thing actually boils down to the preferences of each individual. As each of us have our own interest and taste on the clothes that we wear. What we wear in fact reflects our personality and people perception towards us. My personal preference is towards smart casual type of wear. If I would single out one of my favorite outfit, then it would be the white linen trouser.

White linen trousers can be classify as classic and traditional type of wear, however with different types of combination of shirt you can really make yourself different and modern. Now days, people preferred to look smart in a casual way. It is one of the most preferred styles of dressing. Here are few tips on smart casual wear with white linen trouser.

White linen pants for men

First on the list is the simple combination with long sleeves sweater. Black or white would be the best choice as both colors gives the elegant and smart feel. In addition, sweater keeps you warm during cool days. If you are looking for something refreshing then you can opt for turtle neck or v neck t-shirt. The turtle neck is a high neck t-shirt while the later is a low neck t-shirt. Both can gives you the revitalizing sense in fashion wear. Another alternative is to pair with tuxedo t-shirt, it is a mixture of formal and casual type of attire. The three types of clothes pair with men linen trousers should provide the smart casual look that you want.

Besides the tips mentioned above, there are many types of smart casual garments & accessories that you can choose from. Try to get some ideas from fashion magazines and the internet. Making yourself well-dressed will also increase your self confidence.